About Us

We bring art to your closet

We are a lifestyle brand based in Kolkata, specialized in making hand painted lifestyle products. We are inspired by the various folk culture of our country and hence, we promote such endangered and extinct folk art forms through our work.

We founded Butterfly Tree Lifestyle with one goal in mind: incorporating vivid and beautiful art forms into lifestyle products, hoping for their revival into our mainstream culture.

Our passion has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future.

 Be our canvas!

Our Commitment

We believe art is not just a piece hangings on the wall, distant from us. Rather, it is intertwined with us, our daily lives and lot more. This idea brings us to draw inspiration from the myriad shades of Indian folk culture where art is a lifestyle. One of our quests is to bring these community art forms in forefront of fashion and prevent those from extinction. This enables us to contribute to the ecosystem of sustainability in which culture and heritage are two important components of development.