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Butterfly tree



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Legend around Mithila Art is that it originated during the wedding of Maithili aka Sita when her father king Janaka asked the civilians to decorate the whole Mithila for the grand wedding of his daughter - people started to paint their homes and the whole of Mithila and thus began the journey of what we today know as Madhubani painting. One of the prominent elements of this folk art form is the abundant use of flora and fauna, each having a deeper meaning. Vines and creepers are the children of Mother Earth just like Maithili hence their usage signifies fertility, purity and chastity.


Weight: 11 gms per piece
Dimension: 9x5 cm

Jewellery Care

DO NOT use any solution or water. Gently wipe me with any cotton cloth. Do not keep me exposed in the open air for a long time. Instead, keep me inside a small box or pouch.

Style Tips

Pair up with any traditional weaves in classic monochromes.


Please note that all our products are handmade by artists one piece at a time. Due to this production method, there may be a slight variation in the original piece from the picture you see, or one item to the next.
Such variations are the beauty of handmade products and such minor distinctions make your purchase one of a kind.

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